Roh Ji Hoon’s wife, Lee Eun Hye, Confessed That She Had Eating Disorder

Roh Ji Hoon’s wife, Lee Eun Hye, confessed that she had an eating disorder.

Lee Eun Hye revealed on January 26 the condition she is going through in her SNS, saying, “I accidentally developed an eating disorder and lost just 10kg in two months.”

I’m in my mid-40s, so my clothes are fine, but I need to eat comfortably and gain weight. I’m worried about my mother. Because I need to hug my baby more.” she continued

In the published photo, Lee Eun Hye is wearing a black crop top and a purple check jacket and took a mirror selfie.

Lee Eun Hye‘s face was thin due to weight loss by 10 kg, but her slimmer body is no different from her appearance as a racing model in her prime, attracting attention.

Netizens who saw this have reactions such as “Are you a mother of a child? I’m envious of Noh Ji-hoon”, “I think you can do it again as a racing model“, “Don’t get sick“, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Eun Hye married Roh Ji Hoon, who is 3 years younger than her, in 2018, and they have one son.


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