Prosecutors Dismissed The Assault Case Of Actor Lee Kyu Han Due To Insufficient Evidence

Actor Lee Kyu Han, who was involved in an assault case, was acquitted by the prosecution for insufficient evidence.

According to the legal community on January 27, the 5th criminal division of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Chief Prosecutor Park Gyu Hyung) dismissed Lee Kyu Han, who was charged with assaulting a driver under the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes, the day before.

In August 2020, Lee Kyu Han received a complaint and was investigated by the police on charges of assaulting a driver near Gangnam, Seoul. 

The police forwarded the case to the prosecution in November last year.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyu Han has denied the allegations, saying, “I didn’t commit any violence or abusive language.”


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