Comedian Lee Se Young Revealed Her Diet Secret In Achieving A Coca-Cola Body

Lee Se Young revealed her diet secret after showing her perfect coca-cola body which are unedited but looks like it was made with CG.

On January 26, comedian Lee Se Young communicated with her fans through her SNS.

On this day, a fan said to Lee Se-young, “Please encourage to a diet…”.

He asked for advice from Lee Se Young, who has always been a hot topic for maintaining her perfect body, to give her diet secrets and inspiring words.

In response, Lee Se Young released a photo of herself participating in a fitness competition in the past.

Along with the photo, Lee Se Young said, “Unretouched photo on the day of the competition!” and asked for advice, “I set a cool body wallpaper and gave up flour and late-night snacks every time I looked at my phone. I will constantly motivate myself.”

In the photo, Lee Se Young boasts of split abs and strong leg lines even without any correction.

As if it was made with CG, netizens continued to respond, “I’m going on a diet tomorrow“, “I really need to acknowledge this effort“, “I’m skinny, but I have abs”, and “I’m envious“.

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young has been in public love with her younger Korean-Japanese boyfriend since 2019 and has been sharing her sweet daily life through YouTube. 


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