Yoo Ah In’s Youthful Current Status Posted On Artist Choi Ha Neul’s Instagram

Yoo Ah In revealed his youthful status on the SNS of writer Choi Ha Neul, who is known as an acquaintance.

On January 26th, writer Choi Ha Neul posted a picture of actor Yoo Ah In on Instagram, which made fans flutter.

In the photo, Yoo Ah In is staring at the camera with his slightly grown bangs relaxed.

The visual of Yoo Ah In wearing a black T-shirt and showing a free-spirited expression is like a scene in a movie.

In particular, the ‘boyish beauty‘ stands out because of his lost weight.

Fans who have seen the ordinary life of Yoo Ah In say, “I love your, brother,” or “You look like his brother, but you are not“. There are reactions such as “You’re crazy,” “You’re really so handsome,” and “Please take a picture  in your school uniform.”

On the othis hand, Yoo Ah In recently received favorable reviews for his role as the head of the new religious ‘New Truth Society’, which explains that the arrival of the messengers of hell in the Netflix series ‘Hellbound‘ is a revelation from God.

Hellbound‘ was hugely popular when it was released, ranking first in the TV show category around the world. 



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