YouTuber Lee Jin Ho Praises ‘The Red Sleeve’ Actor Lee Jun Ho With His Impressive Personality Towards The Reporters

It is known that actor Lee Jun Ho expressed his gratitude by sending autographs to 80 reporters. 

On the 26th, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter, posted a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘Unexpected personality revealed by reporters who met Lee Jun Ho’.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Jun Ho personally attended the interview at the end of ‘The Red Sleeve’ which was conducted over the past two days via video on the 3rd and 4th. After the end of the interview, it was sent by express the next day.”

Lee Jin Ho then released an interview with daily sports reporter Lee Hyun Ah. “It’s time, so I had an interview with the public. Many reporters said they wanted to meet with Lee Jun Ho, so Lee Jun Ho was surprised a lot,” he said. “I thought the favorable article contributed to the ratings.”

He continued, “As a thank you to him, he said that he wrote the autograph with his own face in memory of the reporters’ names, his autographs, the reporters’ characteristics, and the impressive parts they asked, so he wrote it together with the PR team.” He sent them all by mail and by express the next day.”

He also added, “It is rare for an actor to come forward to sign autographs.”

In particular, regarding Lee Jun Ho‘s personality, he said, “I was impressed with how he was trying to keep a relationship. They seem to understand the importance of relationships.”

Earlier, on January 24th, actor Song Joong Ki appeared at Lee Jun Ho‘s fan meeting site and drew attention. The two have been friends for 13 years since they met through KBS2‘s ‘Let’s Go! Dream Team‘ in 2009.

Lee Jun Ho played the role of Lee San in the MBC drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘, which ended on January 1st.

The drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ drew a lot of popularity as it portrays the mournful court romance between Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young), a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen, and Lee San (Lee Jun Ho), who puts the country ahead of love. In particular, the last episode aired on January 1st recorded its highest rating of 17.4% (based on Nielsen Korea).



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