Kim Da Mi Shares Her Thoughts on the Ending of “Our Beloved Summer”

Actress Kim Da Mi shared her thoughts on ending the drama ‘Our Beloved Summer‘.

On January 26th, actress Kim Da Mi posted a short post on her official Instagram with two photos.

On that day, Kim Da Mi said, “Thank you all for loving ‘Our Beloved Summer’!” It was such a happy year! -Yeon Soo“.

Previously, Kim Da Mi gave a passionate performance by taking on the role of Kuk Yeon Soo, the leading female lead in the SBS drama ‘Our Beloved Summer‘, which ended successfully on January 25th.

In the released photo, Kim Da Mi is seen sitting side by side with Choi Woo Shik, who plays Choi Woong, the last in the school, the male lead in the drama in which he appeared together.

In the photo, Kim Da Mi is sitting on a chair with Choi Woo Shik and enjoying the leisurely time while looking at the mountains and calm lakes dyed with colorful autumn leaves.

In another photo, Kim Da Mi turned her head toward the camera and showed a bright smile, bringing a light smile to the lips of fans.

Fans who heard the impressions of the ending posted by Kim Da Mi, who received a lot of love for the drama in the drama, “I can’t lose Kuk Yeon Soo X Choi Woong!“, “It was a perfect drama until the end“, “One drama of my life came out!“, “You will miss it“.



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