SNL Korea Creates A Hilarious Parody Of Netflix “Single’s Inferno”; Joo Hyun Young As Free Zia Stands Out

SNL Korea‘ drew attention this time by parodying a dating program.

Coupang Play‘s ‘SNL Korea’ Season 2 ‘I am a Single’s Inferno‘ corner, which was released on January 22nd, was decorated as a parody of the NQQ·SBS PLUS entertainment program ‘I am SOLO’ and the Netflix original web entertainment “Single’s Inferno“.

The cast showed outstanding performances by dressing up as actors on a dating program.

In particular, actor Joo Hyun Young drew admiration from viewers by playing the role of Free Zia (Song Ji Ah), a YouTuber who appeared in Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“.

Joo Hyun Young introduced herself as an unboxing YouTuberFree Zia‘. The somewhat powerless tone and expression she showed, the gesture of smiling while covering her mouth as if embarrassed, and the dialect were reminiscent of Free Zia.

When Lee Dong Hwi, who appeared as a ‘SNS addict‘ in the self-introduction of ‘Free Zia‘, asked, “What are you doing?Joo Hyun Young answered, “Your heart?

Joo Hyun Young chose Lee Dong Hwi and said, “Shall we eat ramen together with me“. She also replied, “I’m ashamed,” and reproduced the dialect of Free Zia, bringing laughter. She perfectly acted ‘Youtuber‘ by introducing ramen in front of the camera.

Viewers on Coupang Play’s YouTube account said, “The fact that Free Zia’s dialect is coming out, wow… the detailing is amazing”, “The setting with Joo Hyun Young’s eyes half open is so funny. The genius of character analysis”, “Joo Hyun Young almost spit out the coffee she drank as soon as she saw Free Zia”, “Joo Hyun Young’s fingertips The feeling of fiddling with her head without strength is completely the same.” “Joo Hyun Young copies a real person hahahaha The feeling and the way she speaks are strangely similar,” they added, admiring her acting skills.

Meanwhile, Free Zia recently admitted to some suspicions of wearing fake luxury goods and posted a handwritten apology on SNS.

Season 2 of ‘SNL Korea‘ will be exclusively released on Coupang Play every Saturday at 10 PM.



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