Free Zia’s Agency Releases Official Statement Regarding The Kimchi Controversy Labeling It As ‘Pao Chai’

YouTuber Free Zia‘s labeling of Kimchi as Pao Chai is controversial, and the agency’s side has made a statement.

On January 24th, Free Zia‘s agency gave a brief statement to Insight, saying, “(Relating to the Pao Chai controversy surrounding Free Zia) I’m sorry. We have nothing to tell you.

This is the content of a post recently circulated mainly on online communities and SNS, ‘Free Zia marked Kimchi steamed as Pao Chai‘.

According to the article, Free Zia revealed her daily life of taking Chinese classes and eating through the Chinese version of YouTube’s Billy Billy channel in August 2020. At that time, Free Zia said, “I’m going to eat Kimchi steamed like this when I get home,” and the scene was subtitled ‘Pao Chai’.

Pao chai is a salted vegetable in Sichuan, China, and is a food that is completely different from Kimchi.

Of course, Free Zia may not be doing all of the Chinese subtitles work, but a netizen said, “As a ‘celeb’ with influence, She had to be careful.” Some netizens pointed out the inappropriate expression, saying, “This is more serious than the fake controversy.”

Meanwhile, Free Zia received a lot of love for her appearance in the recently released NetflixSingle’s Inferno“. Its unique visual and cool personality created many male fans as well as female fans.

However, some of the clothes that Free Zia wore on various TV shows and social media were found to be fakes from luxury brands, causing controversy. In response, Free Zia posted an apology.



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