“Let’s not be fooled by makeup” A Lawyer From Garo Sero Research Institute Made A Sharp Remark Towards Free Zia

The raw face of YouTuber Free Zia (Song Ji Ah) was revealed by Kang, a Lawyer at the Garo Sero Research Institute.

At the same time, Lawyer Kang made a controversial comment about Free Zia‘s appearance.

On January 23rd, Lawyer Kang posted a post about Free Zia on his Facebook page .

Lawyer Kang made a sharp remark towards Free Zia as if he was determined.

Lawyer Kang captured and released a scene from Fashion N’s beauty program ‘Follow Me – Sincerely to your taste’, where Free Zia appeared last year. Here, Free Zia‘s bare face, with makeup removed, appeared. 

Lawyer Kang pointed out Free Zia‘s raw face and did not hesitate to make derogatory remarks about her appearance, saying, “Let’s not be fooled by makeup.

Kim Se Eui, the CEO of the Garosero Research Institute, also commented on the post.

In the comments of CEO Kim, there was a picture of Free Zia with the words ‘I like China anyway‘ and the Chinese flag, the five stars and red flags.

Born in 1997, Free Zia is 25 years old this year. She was born in Busan, and according to her profile, she is 163 cm tall and weighs 44 kg. She majored in dance at Hanyang University.

While working as a YouTuber, she appeared on Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno” and gained popularity. However, the fact that she was wearing a fake luxury product was revealed and was recently engulfed in controversy.



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