Actress Kang Ye Won Erasing The Traces Of Free Zia On Her Instagram Account

Actress Kang Ye Won is erasing the traces of model and Youtuber Song Ji Ah on SNS. Kang Ye Won is the co-representative of Hyowon CNC, to which Song Ji Ah belongs, and has been showing off her friendship with Song Ji Ah through SNS.

On January 10th, Kang Ye Won and Song Ji Ah released photos and videos taken at the filming site. However, this post has recently been abruptly deleted. On her SNS, as of January 23rd, not a single picture with Song Ji Ah remains.

Kang Ye Won also avoids mentioning Song Ji Ah. Song Ji Ah has been criticized for being confirmed to have worn fakes on the air, but she has never been on the front lines.

Only the co-CEO Kim Hyo Jin is open to the successive allegations surrounding Song Ji Ah. On January 19th, CEO Kim was the only one who apologized for the controversy at the agency level.

Speculation continues online that Kang Ye Won was conscious of the criticism of Song Ji Ah and made a stop loss. On Kang Ye Won‘s SNS, a number of comments were posted to the effect of “Explain Song Ji Ah’s fake products yourself“.

One netizen criticized, “The situation is at this point, and a person named the CEO is hiding behind her.” It is also known that Kang Ye Won recently claimed herself as Song Ji Ah‘s manager in the entertainment show ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘.

As the controversy grew, Kang Ye Won closed the comment window on the said post.

Song Ji Ah gained recognition through Netflix‘s “Single’s Inferno“. However, some of the products worn in recent broadcasts have been criticized as fakes.

On January 17th, through SNS, she admitted the suspicion of fake products and apologized.

Song Ji Ah said, “There is a controversy about some of the clothes I wore on social media and “Single’s Inferno”. Some of the controversy you pointed out is true. I’m really sorry. We apologize to the officials, subscribers and fans.



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