Former AOA’s Jimin Updated Her Instagram For The First Time In 2 Years After Past Controversy

Jimin, a former member of AOA, directly shared her current situation after about two years after the harassment controversy.

On January 8th, Jimin posted a short video on her Instagram account with the caption “surprise gift for my dearest”.

In the released video, Jimin is on a leisurely trip in London, England.

Wearing a cap hat and a backpack, Jimin freely roamed the streets of Europe like a college student. 

Jimin, who was originally skinny, drew attention by showing his thin cheeks, perhaps because he lost more weight.

Jimin‘s song was also played. In particular, the lyrics ‘I had to leave suddenly to a place no one knew’ and ‘I lost everything except myself’ gaining attention.

Jimin seems to have delivered a surprise update today (January 8th) to commemorate her 32nd birthday.

Earlier, in 2020, Jimin was embroiled in controversy after revealing harassment of former AOA member Kwon Min Ah.

At that time, Kwon Min Ah claimed that Jimin was the instigator of the bullying, and when the noise did not stop, Jimin withdrew from the team.

Since then, Jimin has been spotted with Seolhyun, but this is the first time she has personally shared her current situation on personal SNS



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