Kim Seon Ho Reportedly Declining All New Projects In 2022 Except For Any Schedules Related To ‘Sad Tropics’ Promotions

The recent status of actor Kim Seon Ho, who was recently involved in a controversy over his private life, was reported.

On January 6th, Astar1 News exclusively reported, “According to Kim Seon Ho’s close acquaintance, the actor will not take on any other acting activities except for finishing the schedule of movie ‘Sad Tropical’, which is currently in the middle of filming.”

According to other reports, Kim Seon Ho is rejecting all proposals for new works and only focusing on “Sad Tropical”. It is also known that he has politely refused to renew advertising offers and contracts for brands that he is modeling for.

Moreover, although Kim Seon Ho has reportedly been receiving offers from promoters since last summer, he refused all overseas fan meeting plans, saying, “I decided to focus on filming movies this year”.

Kim Seon Ho, who emerged as a rising actor through dramas “Start-Up”, “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” and entertainment show “2 Days 1 Night”, was embroiled in a controversy over his private life issue after his ex-girlfriend A exposed him.

He temporarily suspended all activities after the controversy intensified. After that, as more revelations about A were revealed, public opinion was overturned. Therefore, Kim Seon Ho decided to proceed with the filming of movie “Sad Tropical”.

Meanwhile, “Sad Tropical”, starring Kim Seon Ho, is an action noir film telling about a boy, who dreams of becoming a professional boxer, becoming the target of mysterious people and being chased by them. The filming of this movie began in December last year.



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