Actor Woo Do Hwan Discharged From The Military Today

Actor Woo Do Hwan returns to his fans after completing his military service.

Woo Do Hwan, who is on vacation on January 5th, is discharged without returning to the military.

Woo Do Hwan began his military service on July 6, 2020 when he entered the 15th Division Recruit Training Battalion located in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do.

Before his enlistment, he greeted fans by saying, “I spent my undeservedly happy 20s because you stayed by my side and watched over me whenever I was having a hard time. I will return in good health, so I hope that you will always be healthy and happy.”

During the recruit training period, Woo Do Hwan received a commendation from the brigade commander in charge of the company commander’s trainee, drawing people’s attention.

Afterwards, he performed his national defense duties in the Capital Mechanized Infantry Division called the ‘Fierce Tiger Unit‘.

In October of last year, Woo Do Hwan posted on his Instagram before his discharge, “I missed you so much. Everyone, eat a lot of candy.”

Meanwhile, Woo Do Jwan joins the cast of Netflix’s Hunting Dogs.

Based on a popular webtoon by the same title, Hunting Dogs follows the story of a newcomer who arrives on the scene with the sole aim of making money, but actually becomes a catalyst that shakes up the existing power structure.

Woo Do Hwan takes on the role of Gun woo. He was a rising talent within the sport of boxing, but he’s forced to put his dreams aside due to his mother’s crippling debts. In order to make a lot of money quickly, he gets a job as a bodyguard for a powerful loan shark named CEO Choi.

Netflix drama Hunting Dogs is currently in the planning stages and a release date has not yet been announced.



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