Honey Lee Revealed To Have Saved This Actor Who Has About To Die She Even Paid For His Hospital Expenses

Actress Honey Lee saved Go Jun, who was about to die.

In the KBS2 variety show ‘All Year Live’, which was broadcast on December 24th, the corner ‘The Woman Running the Chart‘ was featured, and Honey Lee was ranked 6th in ‘Unexpected Santa Claus Star‘.

On this day, ‘All Year Live‘ said, “Actress Honey Lee, who is full of health, is ranked 6th.” They added, “As much as I take good care of my health, I take good care of my colleagues.”

In the past, Jo Jin Woong appeared on ‘All Year Live‘ and talk about Honey Lee, “I think I met a very good colleague. She nags next to me to the point of being noisy. I’m going to have a drink with the staff on a meaningful day, but she keeps on nagging me until I get home.”

Gong Myung also showed affection in another program, saying, “If you say that you have shoulder pain while filming, (Lee Honey) She will immediately give you medicine such as stretching your shoulder.”

Among them, there was a star who expressed his gratitude to Honey Lee. That’s Actor Go Jun. Go Jun said that he received a lot of help from Honey Lee when he was an unknown actor. He shared, “After the movie, I almost died because my body didn’t get better.” He added, “I went to the hospital because my internal organs no longer function properly and there was no much improvement.”

Go Jun also shared, “I tried to calculate the cost of treatment after receiving treatment, but it was too expensive. So I was thinking about it, but the person in-charge there told me to go because it had already been paid. When I asked who did it, Honey said, “I thought so from the beginning. The consideration is very good.”

All Year Live‘ said, “Honey Lee, who is very considerate of others, seems to have shared her feelings with her colleagues even after filming is over. She is a sincere actress to my people.”

Meanwhile, Honey Lee married a non-celebrity boyfriend whom she met earlier this year through an acquaintance on December 21st. Honey Lee‘s husband is two years older than her, and it is known that he is an American studying abroad worker. She said, “I am grateful to the many people who congratulated me and encouraged me. I will live by repaying that love with good acting and activities”. Her agency Saram Entertainment also released a statement, “Honey, after meeting a precious relationship, promised to become a lifelong companion based on trust and affection for each other. We ask for many congratulations and blessings.”



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