Lee Dong Wook Shares The Uncanny Experience He Had While Playing a Psychopath Serial Killer

Actor Lee Dong Wook shared the uncanny experience he had while playing a psychopathic serial killer.

Lee Dong Wook appeared as a guest on tvN‘s entertainment program ‘You Quiz on the Block‘, which was broadcast on December 22nd. On that episode, when Lee Dong Wook took on the role of a villain for the first time in 23 years of acting, he said, “I acted while always reminding myself that this is all an act that should never actually happen”. He added, “I tried not to get caught up in the emotions of the characters”.

Lee Dong Wook‘s first villain was Seo Moon Jo in the webtoon-based drama ‘Strangers from Hell‘. Lee Dong Wook, who plays Seo Moon Jo, a dentist and psychopathic serial killer, showed a completely different side of him from his romantic image of his previous work.

Regarding this, Lee Dong Wook said, “I thought I was doing fine even when playing the villain, but my friends told me that my eyes have changed. In fact, one day, I looked into the mirror after washing my face, and I was unfamiliar with myself. So I thought to pull myself together”. Sharing that he had felt a different feeling that time.

At the same time, Lee Dong Wook also confessed to a moment when uncanny thoughts passed by because he was so immersed in the role of Seo Moon Jo. “In the play, there was a scene in which a person’s raw teeth were pulled out and tortured. The intensity of the pain is not shown on the screen, but I was contemplating ‘How can I pull the teeth so it’s more painful?’ he shared. “At that moment, I thought, ‘What is this?’ I thought once again that I have to be more careful when playing roles like this.”

On that episode the actor also talked about hitting rock bottom after starring in Goblin. “I realized that nothing could be resolved if I just stayed still and did nothing. So I decided to just go at it head-on and played Seo Moon Jo in Strangers from Hell. Acting the way I felt on the set and going with that raw vibe, I became more comfortable in acting,” he commented.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook is currently starring in tvN’s drama Bad and Crazy and is waiting for the release of his new movie A Year-End Medley.



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