Netizens Are Curious About This Thing That Lee Jong Suk Kept Holding In His Hand Preciously?

Actor Lee Jong Suk boasted a Christmas gift in his SNS photos. 

On December 24th, Lee Jong Suk posted on his Instagram several photos along with a caption, “I have tried hard to take these photos. Merry Christmas.” The photo shows Lee Jong Suk showing the gifts he received from the luxury brand Prada.

Among all the gifts, Lee Jong Suk must have really liked a specific round black-and-white tree ornament with the Prada logo on it, as he could be seen taking various poses while holding it in his hand or biting it in his mouth.  He excited the hearts of female fans with his visual that transcends the bright and chic atmosphere.

Lee Jong Suk has been filming tvN drama “Big Mouth” since he was discharged from the military in January. “Big Mouth” depicts the story of a 10% winning rate lawyer accidentally becoming a genius scammer overnight and digging into the ugly truth of the privileged class as he is caught up in a murder case.



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