Lee Jong Suk’s Military Life Revealed By A Netizen Says “He Was Really Handsome”

An article about Lee Jong Suk‘s military life, directly revealed by actor Lee Jong Suk‘s training camp motive, is a hot topic.

On December 6th, in an online community, a long article titled ‘I was in the same Nonsan Company with actor Lee Jong Suk’ was posted.

The author said, “I went to Nonsan, but I was in the same company as Lee Jong Suk, so I see it almost every day for 4 weeks”. He recalled “After about three days, rumors were all around the company, and after 2 weeks, rumors were all around our regiment. He was handsome, tall, and young. He has a fair skin that makes me think he didn’t play soccer. He was really handsome” .

The author continued, “Lee Jong Suk’s squad was cleaning the bathroom, and we were in the dormitory in front of the toilet, so I can really see Lee Jong Suk clean the toilet.”

The author shared, “Our Squad Leader contacted Lee Jong Suk in advance, gave him a snack he bought at PX, and asked them to get autographs in the last week. So two days before graduation, two people went to Lee Jong Suk’s dormitory to get autographs, but when we went later, they received almost all of the company’s signatures.”

The author continued, “Lee Jong Suk didn’t miss training even though he was in the public interest, and he even marched. He just didn’t think much about Lee Jong Suk, but his recognition has improved. He was really handsome,” he concluded by saying, “Lee Jong Suk, don’t forget the 8th Company of the 25th Regiment, Fighting!”

On March 8, 2019, Lee Jong Suk served as a Social Worker. When he was 16 years old, he ruptured his cruciate ligament in a car accident and was assigned a grade 4 replacement service worker. He finished filming for ‘Witch 2‘ and ‘Decibel‘ and expected to be release on early January.

tvN’s new drama ‘Big Mouth‘ is currently being filmed.


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