6 Of Korea’s Biggest Stars Who Have Never Been In A Relationship

Stars with attractive personalities and warm visuals are loved by many fans.

However, there are many people who haven’t been able to date much despite being ‘charmful’, which seems to have received a lot of attention from people of the opposite sex since their school days.

In fact, even after their debut, some of them confessed that they were ‘single since birth’, giving surprise.

After debuting, we gathered 6 stars who confessed that they had never had a lover, saying they were ‘single since birth’.

  1. Park Eun Bin (30 years old)

Actress Park Eun Bin, who gained a lot of attention for her excellent acting skills and outstanding appearance in KBS2’s ‘The King’s Affection’, is also a ‘single since birth’.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports last year, Park Eun Bin said, “I’m not currently in a relationship,” and said that up to now, work has been the priority in her life.

At the time, she confessed that she had never been in a relationship, saying that love was still an unknown world to her. In addition, Park Eun Bin said that she has no intention of getting married yet.

  1. Yeo Jin Goo (25 years old)

“I wonder what it feels like to be in a relationship”

Actor Yeo Jin Goo, who debuted 16 years ago, confessed, “I’ve only had unrequited love” in tvN’s ‘House on Wheels‘ last year.

He said, “I’ve never been in a formal relationship.”

Yeo Jin Goo did a lot of romance acting, but emphasized that “I have no intention of dating yet,” and I had to listen to my senior actors nagging me.

  1. NU’EST Hwang Min Hyun (27 years old)

NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun is captivating women’s hearts with his 181 cm tall, model-like physical and ‘cartoon-like’ appearance.

However, when he appeared on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘ in the past, he said, “I have neither experience of driving” and revealed that he had never had a girlfriend when he was in school.

Hwang Min Hyun said in 2017 on KBS2’s ‘Happy Together: Season 3‘ that he had no experience other than having an online relationship when he was in the 3rd year of middle school.

  1. Chungha (26 years old)

Chungha, a former member of I.O.I, who has established herself as a female solo singer, appeared on a radio show in the past and said that she had never been in a relationship properly.

When the DJ asked if she was a ‘single since birth’, Chungha confessed, “I’ve never had a proper boyfriend.

At the time, Chungha caught everyone’s attention by saying, “There is no other ideal type.”

  1. BLACKPINK Rosé (25 years old)

Rose, a member of the group BLACKPINK, which is gaining popularity worldwide, has also mentioned that she is a ‘single since birth‘.

In the past, Rosé appeared on SBS ‘Park Jin-young’s Party People’ and confessed that she had no dating experience.

She said that when she started her trainee life at the young age of 15, she was unable to date because she was concentrating on achieving her dreams.

At that time, Rosé chose ‘a man who has a good voice and plays the guitar well’ as her ideal type.

  1. Kim So Hyun (23 years old)

Kim So Hyun, a former child actress, said in an interview in 2019, “I’m still single.”

Kim So Hyun said that she thought romance was unnecessary in reality because she was doing romance in the work at the time.

She added that even when acting in romance, she consumes a lot of emotions, so she doesn’t feel the need to date.


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