‘Hellbound’ Actor Yoo Ah In Reveals That His Long Hair In The Drama Was Actually A Wig

Actor Yoo Ah In, who is running the highest price for the Netflix series ‘Hellbound‘, confessed that that his long hair in the drama was a wig.

On November 20th, an interview video of Yoo Ah In was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Netflix Korea‘.

In the video, Yoo Ah In gave an honest answers whenever keywords related to him were presented.

Among the words, Yoo Ah In received the keyword ‘long hair’.

In ‘Hellbound’, Yoo Ah In showed off an attractive long-haired hairstyle as Jeong Jin Soo, the first chairman of the The New Truth.

Yoo Ah In said, “I have a hidden talent of making any wig look like my real hair”. He revealed that the long-haired hairstyle shown in Hellbound was not his real hair, but a wig.

In fact, Yoo Ah In showed off his wig perfectly in several works in the past.

In addition to the role of Moon Jae-shin in KBS2’s ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘, where Yoo Ah In‘s name became known, it is known that his hair was a wig in the movies ‘Elegant Lies‘ and tvN’s ‘Chicago Typewriter’.

In particular, Yoo Ah In took on the role of Han Se-joo in ‘Chicago Typewriter‘ and boasted a sexy charm with long hair that had a different feel than now, attracting many women’s hearts.



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