Kim Seon Ho’s Advertisement ’11STREET ‘ Reach Another Highest Record Sales

11STREET, where a citizen once boycotted because it featured Kim Seon Ho, is gaining attention by selling 200 billion won in one day alone at the ‘2021 11th Festival‘.

According to 11STREET on November 12th, the transaction amount exceeded 200 billion won on November 11th, the last day of the ‘2021 11th Festival’ event. At 9 am on that day it sold 21 billion won in one hour, breaking the record for the highest transaction amount per hour. Actor Kim Seon-ho advertised and a boycott movement was caught among some consumers, but as a result, it was a huge box office hit.

The most popular product during the event was the ‘Galaxy Z Flip 3’. For about 11 days from November 1st to 11th, the cumulative sales of this product were KRW 7 billion. Cumulative sales of 4.6 billion won are about 1.5 times higher than Samsung’s ‘Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Ultra’, which was the No. 1 product last year.

In addition, the average sales amount of the top five products based on cumulative sales recorded 4.71 billion won, and each of 47 products sold over 1 billion won. A total of 164 products were sold for more than 500 million won.

The product that ranked first in terms of cumulative sales was the Yogiyo 10,000 won gift certificate. More than 102,000 copies were sold.

In addition, ‘Live 11’, an 11STREET live commerce platform, broadcast a total of 121 times during the event, recording 36 million cumulative views. This is a significant increase compared to last year, when a total of 42 broadcasts were held and 140,000 views were recorded at the same event last year.

11STREET president Lee Sang-ho said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the brand partners and 11STREET sellers who made the best shopping festival incomparable with 11STREET, and above all, to the consumers who generously enjoyed what 11STREET prepared for 11 days.”

Previously, 11STREET took down all of its advertisements featuring Kim Seon-ho on its official website and SNS after actor Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in controversy over his personal life, including allegations of abortion, but it was revealed the allegations were false. Therefore, 11STREET reposted all the advertisement content of Kim Seon Ho, explaining, “The issue is already concluded,” refuting the netizens who are unhappy with Kim Seon Ho’s advertisement being re-uploaded.

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