Anupam Tripathi Shared Hollywood has Reached Out to Him Following His Popularity from ‘Squid Game’

Actor Anupam Tripathi directly answered the ‘Squid Game’ craze.

The 12th episode of ‘Breakfast with Tiffany‘ was published on SBS Moby Dick on November 5th. In the video, Anupam Tripathi, who gained popularity as Ali Abdul in the Netflix original ‘Squid Game‘, appeared as a guest and solved various stories.

Anupam said, “I feel the popularity after ‘Squid Game'” and “I met two fans on my way to school today.”

His biggest change since ‘Squid Game’ was released was that , “I even filmed an advertisement.” and said, “There are a lot of roles coming in. Not only from Korea, but also from India and Hollywood.”

Anupam, who studied acting at the Korea National University of Arts, said, “I was thinking about going back to India after I graduated.” He continued to explain, “But then I was taking a walk because I like taking walks and I suddenly thought I should try to stay in Korea. I felt like something might come up. Thereafter, I took part in a lot of films and plays.”

Anupam Tripathi continued to exude his charms when Tiffany asked, “Do you listen to music when you take a walk or not?” to which he replied, “No, I usually don’t because there’s already a lot of music around.”

Anupam surprised Tiffany Young by leaving the famous saying “The way I am” as the reason for being selected in the ‘Squid Game’ through fierce competition. Anupam said, “I showed myself as I really am,” and “I have to survive, but I don’t want to lose my warmth.”

In addition, Anupam shared he loved meeting new people and being with people. He shared he would have trusted Sangwoo if he was in the game as himself. He explained, “I think I would have no choice but to trust him. If I can’t trust him, what else would there be for me? I would definitely believe in him until the end.” He also shared, “I would like to share the 45.6 billion KRW (40 million USD) if I were to have won it,” further gaining the love from his fans.

After hearing this, Tiffany was moved, saying, “I’m going to reflect a lot today.”



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