Kim Jong Kook’s Video Caught The Attention of Netizens Which Unexpectedly Showed Off his Amazing Body

A real video of singer Kim Jong-guk caught the attention of netizens.

On November 6th, the online community posted an article titled ‘Kim Jong-guk who Slimmer than expected’ . The article contains a video of Kim Jong-guk dancing while wearing a black shirt and pants.

Netizens who saw Kim Jong Kook’s body commented, “He’s sexy”, “Is all those muscles in that body”, “Really slim”, and “The proportions are really good”.

Previously, a health YouTuber with 1.26 million subscribers, claimed on October 31st of last month that Kim Jong-kook used drugs to build a muscular body through a video titled ‘Was Kim Jong-kook Used or Not?’

On November 6th, Kim Jong-guk said, “As a novice YouTuber, I couldn’t pass it up. If necessary, I plan to take all the tests that exist in the world. I just completed one today”. He said adamantly.



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