Ahn Bo Hyun Shared He is 70% similar to Goo Woong, His Character In tvN ‘Yumi’s Cells’

In a face-to-face interview after a long time since the pandemic, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “It was my first round interview because of COVID-19, but I was very happy to see people and it’s good that there is no sense of alienation compared to non-face-to-face.”

‘Yumi’s Cells’, based on TVING’s original content and Naver’s popular webtoon ‘Yumi’s Cells (written/illustrated by Lee Dong-geon)’ of the same name, is a cell-based psychological romance that pleasantly unravels the love and daily life of ordinary office worker Yumi (Kim Go-eun) through the perspective of cells in her head. It captures the process of Yumi’s growth along the flow created by colorful cells, from reason to desire.

Ahn Bo-hyun said, “It was the first work in Korea that was based on a webtoon and combined with a live-action film. I was worried a lot and I was curious about the audience’s reaction, but many people liked it, supported it, and encouraged it.”

He continued, “Since we’re in an animation together, I was confused when I first saw the script. I don’t know if I’m acting right or wrong, and after acting, when the director cuts me, Hyeon-ta came. I knew that the drama would go on with this, so I acted comfortably after that.”

Ahn Bo-hyun added, “Actually, on the set, Team A is the cells and we are Team B, and we joked that we should act according to the performances of the cells.”

He also shared “I bought a book at the bookstore after being cast, but the director told me to stop watching the original, saying it would be too moldy. Still, I watched the episode of Woong,” he said, not seeing the ending of the webtoon.

In ‘Yumi’s Cells‘, Ahn Bo-hyun transformed into ‘Koo Woong’, a game developer who works with a ‘Yes or No’ algorithmic thought circuit. An engineering student down to the bone, he is a man with a simple but charming charm, and even though his method of expressing emotion is zero, he showed the appearance of a boyfriend with a subtle corner. Goo Woong, who used his natural, unadorned, and unconstrained honesty as a weapon from his outfit to his mind, was a ‘real-life boyfriend’ itself.

Ahn Bo-hyun also shared he is 70% similar to Goo Woong. He explained, “I’m also not good at expressing my inner feelings. Even if there is pain or injury, rather than communicating, I tend to overcome it alone and take it with me, but Woongi also seems to overlap in that area.”

He continued, “I like to take anyone when I know a restaurant. I also like to keep things neat and tidy. I like cute things and I like to clean. I tend to do a lot of things that men wouldn’t do when they live alone. It seems that he is similar to me because he shows me that way at his house,” he said more about his resemblance to Woongi.

Ahn Bo-hyun also resembles Woong-i from the webtoon a lot. He said, “I really wanted to take Woongi’s signature long hair, dark skin, and beard. My hair is actually half my hair and a wig, but it was the first time I grew it that much. I also tanned the skin 15 times or more”. As a result of Ahn Bo-hyun’s hard work, the appearance of a thick beard in the early appearance of the play was enough to admiring the webtoon fans that it was a realistic version of ‘Guwoong’, saying that it had a high synchronization rate.

Ahn Bo-hyeon, who tried to resemble the character in the play like this, drew laughter when he drew a line saying that Goo Woong’s love story was not at all similar.

He explained , “Can it be frustrating while reading the script? If I can’t express it like this, I thought that even the kindest Yumi would have no choice but to turn around. I didn’t think it was something like that. Basic manners were not observed.” He exclaimed, “Even with my girlfriend, if it were me, I would change my position and ask the other person to think only once. I am a girlfriend. It is unacceptable for her boyfriend’s boyfriend to have an ambiguous relationship. Woongi is acting so frustratingly, but I don’t think there was any consideration for Yumi.”

He also talked about his co-star, Kim Go-eun . Ahn Bo-hyeon, who has seen almost all of Kim Go-eun’s works, said, “This was the first time I met her, but her work is amazing and he put Kim Yu-mi on Kim Go-eun to the extent that I was fascinated. I received a lot of good stimulation.”

Kim Go-eun and Ahn Bo-hyun, and Yumi and Woong-i had good chemistry. Ahn Bo-hyun said, “Kim Go-eun had such a good proportions, but I heard that she has a big chemistry because I have big hands and she is tall. I thinks he looked good when two or full shots were taken. It was a burden at first because I was afraid of becoming someone in Kim Go-eun’s filmography.”

We also talked about the passionate kiss scene with Kim Go-eun at the hotel. “When I think about animation, I was worried about whether I should purify it a bit, but Woongi and Yumi are both adult men and women, and the audience for the drama is over 15 years old. I improvised various attempts and rehearsals, but in the end, the director chose that scene. This has become clear, and the love between the two seems to have been properly expressed.”

Considering Ahn Bo-hyun’s previous works, this drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’ made a pretty big acting transformation for him.

Ahn Bo-hyun, who expressed his love for ‘Yumi’s Cells’ to the fullest, “It was a drama that was not irritating and was full of everyday trivialities and healing elements. I recommended it a lot to others. It was good because it was a comfortable drama”

He continued “Last year Filming for ‘My Name’ started around this time and ended in the first half of this year, and ‘Yumi’s Cells’ started this summer and has now ended. He remembers Goo Woong and Jeon Pil-do, and he also knows my name, Ahn Bo-hyun. I am proud that it is broadcast not only in Korea but also globally. I am showing different characters at the same time, which seems to raise expectations. I also stimulate I think that I will show a better side and more diverse sides of me by receiving the award,” expressing her gratitude to the viewers who loves him.



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