AOA’s Seolhyun Gives Off A Warm And Comfortable Atmosphere In A Pictorial For Marie Claire Korea

A pictorial filled with a fresh smile of Seolhyun was released.

Seolhyun showcased her unique beauty with a bright smile and relaxed pose in the November issue of the fashion magazine ‘Marie Claire’.  Seolhyun showed a casual look through matching a red cropped cardigan with denim pants and a multi-colored sweater, which emits fresh atmosphere.

In this pictorial, Seolhyun captured attention with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Through the interview conducted after filming, she not only revealed various hobbies and daily life, but also mentioned the fun of communicating with the public through the recently opened YouTube channel ‘Dazzling by Seolhyun‘, attracting attention.

Seolhyun said, “I’ve been experiencing a lot of things lately and trying out new hobbies. These days, I’m trying things I’ve never done before, and I’m getting to know who I am.”

She also expressed his love for the fans who supported her , saying, “I think I have to become a person who can be cheered for. The thought of making sure that people who support me do not regret it makes my heartache. Also, I feel and find happiness in the smallest things.” He also conveyed a positive and bright inner beauty.

Seolhyun ‘s pictorial and interview, is located in the November issue of Marie Claire and on her website.



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