Kim Yoo Jung Donated 30 Million Won To Green Umbrella Child Fund In Conjunction With Her Birthday

Actress Kim Yoo Jung exerted a good influence.

On the 1st, the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation (Chairman Lee Je-hoon) announced that Kim Yoo Jung donated 30 million won to support children at risk of crime victims.

This donation was made on the occasion of Kim Yoo Jung’s birthday. It is a meaningful donation to repay the hearts of the fans who always send unsparing support and love. Kim Yoo Jung, who is also a member of the Green Noble Club, a group of major donors with more than 100 million won of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, has made a positive impact by consistently practicing warm sharing, such as delivering medical expenses for low-income children and children suffering from COVID-19.

This donation will be used as an emergency fund for living expenses, medical expenses, and housing expenses so that crime victims can recover their health and grow up healthy and bright.

Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Chairman Lee Je-hoon said, “I would like to thank Kim Yoo-jeong, an actress who participated in sharing with good intentions and help low-income children in need due to COVID-19, “he said,”

In other news, Kim Yoo Jung is currently starring in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’, and she’s also confirmed to star in the upcoming movie ’20th Century Girl’.



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