LE SSERAFIM’s Improved Live Performance at Coachella Week 2 Draws Positive Fan Response

Following vocal concerns during their first weekend at Coachella, LE SSERAFIM returned for the festival’s second weekend amid ongoing criticism.

However, this time, the group showcased significant improvements in their live singing abilities. With a setlist similar to the first week, all members appeared more confident during their performances.

In their rendition of “Unforgiven,” Kazuha intentionally let the backtrack play a few lines alone before confidently singing louder than the backtrack, demonstrating her vocal prowess.

Despite the prominent backtrack, fans noted that LE SSERAFIM‘s live vocals were stable and noticeable. They pointed out that other artists, such as BLACKPINK in their 2023 Coachella performance, also relied on loud backtracks and some lip-syncing.

Overall, fans expressed satisfaction with LE SSERAFIM‘s live performance, praising their exceptional dance skills and commanding stage presence. They recognized a significant improvement compared to the first week.

Fan feedback included observations and praises such as:

“They showed considerable improvement compared to Week 1.”

“The backtrack was loud during ‘Smart,’ so the girls had to sing louder.”

“I want to see BLINKS complain about backtracks when BLACKPINK‘s entire ‘Pink Venom‘ performance at Coachella was 80% loud backtrack and lip-sync.”

“It seems like LE SSERAFIM realized they underperformed in Week 1, so they really stepped it up, and it worked.”

“I hope they continue to improve because aside from vocals, their other skills are outstanding.”

“Their stage presence was unmatched 🔥.”



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