“The whole video is just so adorable” — Anya Taylor-Joy’s Heartwarming Interaction with NewJeans’ Haerin Steals the Spotlight

At DIOR’s Pre-Fall 2024 Fashion Show in New York’s Brooklyn Museum, NewJeansHaerin made waves as the brand’s Global Ambassador.

Among the star-studded attendees were Anya Taylor-Joy, Alexandra Daddario, Charlize Theron, and Rachel Zegler, all present as ambassadors or special guests.

Seated alongside these celebrities in the front row, Haerin drew attention, especially during her interactions with Anya Taylor-Joy.

Fans were captivated by Anya‘s affectionate and caring demeanor towards the somewhat nervous Haerin.

In one touching moment, Anya was seen placing a reassuring hand on Haerin‘s back, her expression full of concern. In another, the two exchanged affectionate gazes, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

The heartwarming exchange quickly spread across social media, charming fans with its blend of humor and sweetness.

Fans even created fan art depicting Anya encouraging a shy Haerin, who responded with her signature thumbs-up sign. These adorable interpretations added a playful and endearing touch to the event’s coverage.

The interaction became a hot topic on theqoo, with fans expressing adoration for both women:

“These two are my favorite duo.”

Anya looks like a supportive mother encouraging her nervous child.”

Haerin‘s ‘Thumbs Up’ is her way of saying ‘I’m okay’. Haha.”

Anya Taylor is like the confident older sister, and Haerin is the introverted younger sister.”

“The whole video is just so adorable.”

“Both of them are so beautiful.”

“Are they having a staring contest? Haha.”



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