“Of course, she nailed it” —MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Nails ILLIT’s ‘Magnetic’ Dance Challenge with Sexy Flair

Hwasa from MAMAMOO is making waves with her impressive take on the dance challenge for ILLIT‘s “Magnetic.”

Korean netizens are buzzing about Hwasa’s sultry rendition of the “Magnetic” dance challenge by ILLIT.

Clips of her captivating performance have quickly gone viral, capturing the attention of fans worldwide with her magnetic stage presence.

Dressed in a button-up shirt and mini skirt, Hwasa radiates confidence as she tackles the challenge, adding her own unique flair to the routine.

Her interpretation of “Magnetic” sparked a range of reactions, from netizens expressing astonishment to hoping she would also sing the song.

Comments include:

“She really knows how to highlight the best parts of this dance.”

“She’s so stunning.”

“Wow, that outfit!”

“Why did she stop? I wanted to see more.”

“Please bless us with your vocals too!”

“It’s adorable how she gets a bit shy.”

“She’s such an incredible dancer.”

“That outfit is definitely attention-grabbing.”

“Why are people reacting like it’s the Joseon era? She’s not even wearing just a bra top.”

“Her moves are so captivating.”

“Of course, she nailed it.”

“If only she had sung along, it would have been perfect.”



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