“It sounds so easy for her!” — NMIXX’s Sullyoon Impresses with Live Covers of Female Idol Songs

Sullyoon from NMIXX showcased her vocal prowess with stunning covers of popular female idol tracks.

In an online forum, netizens were captivated by Sullyoon‘s medley performance in her practice room. She flawlessly covered songs like ILLIT‘s “Magnetic,” LE SSERAFIM‘s “Unforgiven,” Red Velvet Joy‘s “Yeowooya,” and QWER‘s “Discord.”

Once again, netizens were amazed by Sullyoon‘s ability to sing live effortlessly while also showcasing her striking visuals.

Comments poured in praising her fitting vocal tone and unique interpretations of the songs, with particular appreciation for her renditions of “Unforgiven” and “Yeowooya.”

Reactions included:

“She sings like a fairy, so beautifully.”
“I’m amazed she sang all those songs by herself.”

“I could listen to her sing all day.”
“She makes it look so easy.”
“Sullyoon’s singing seems effortless.”
“We love you, Sullyoon.”
“Why does it look so effortless for her?”
“Her ‘Unforgiven’ cover is amazing.”
“Why isn’t JYP Entertainment utilizing her talent?”

“Her voice has such a pretty texture.”
“Her ‘Yeowooya’ cover is so good.”
“I hope NMIXX achieves success.”
“Everyone should hear her sing ‘Yeowooya’.”

“She also has a great sense of rhythm.”


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