Netizen Reportedly Spotted EXO’s Sehun and Alleged Girlfriend at Restaurant

A netizen’s observation stirred discussions about EXO‘s Sehun reportedly seen with his alleged girlfriend in public.

On an online forum, netizens buzzed about rumors circulating around the EXO member’s recent visit to a Japanese restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam District.

According to an anonymous post, Sehun was spotted at Homulang inside Josun Hotel & Resorts, accompanied by “his girlfriend carrying a Dior bag.”

Given Sehun’s current military service, netizens were curious about his activities and the level of freedom he appeared to have as a public service worker.

The initial post read: “Is Sehun really serving in the military? I saw him in Cheongdam with a girlfriend haha.”

Netizens expressed a range of reactions, with some supporting his right to date while others voiced skepticism:

“He’s in his thirties now, so it’s natural for him to date.”

“I lost interest when he opted for public service.”

“Is he just focusing on dating now?”

“Interesting choice of gift, a Dior bag for his girlfriend.”

“I’m reconsidering my fandom loyalty lately.”

“I support him dating. It’s about time he had a personal life.”

“Maybe it’s selfish of us to expect him to stay single forever…”

“Other celebrities are dating openly, so why not Sehun?”

“Isn’t it time for him to find love?”

“This feels like old news from back in 2014.”

“Let’s just congratulate him if it’s true.”

“It’s been a while since we heard anything about him.”

Sehun is expected to complete his military service around 2025, coinciding with his fellow member Kai‘s discharge in February of the same year.

All other EXO members have fulfilled their mandatory service and are actively pursuing solo endeavors.



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