‘Queen of Tears’ Kim Ji Won Amazes Viewers with Exceptional Acting in Emotional Scenes

Once again, Kim Ji Won‘s acting has left viewers impressed.

On an online forum, fans are buzzing about Kim Ji Won‘s recent performance in ‘Queen of Tears,’ praising her remarkable talent, especially in emotionally charged scenes.

Fans fondly recall her unforgettable role as Yoon Myung Joo in ‘Descendants of the Sun,‘ opposite Jin Goo, and admire her ability to convey deep emotions.

A netizen shared two clips showcasing Kim Ji Won‘s acting skills, one from ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and another from ‘Queen of Tears.’

In both scenes, Kim Ji Won‘s characters plead with others to understand them, saying the poignant line “Don’t be like this.”

In the first scene, her character begs Jin Goo‘s character to stay and not leave her. In the second, she implores Kim Soo Hyun‘s character not to add to her struggles, expressing the heartbreaking sentiment, “Don’t be like this… don’t make me want to keep living.”

Netizens reacted swiftly:

“I can’t believe Kim Ji Won was only twenty-four during ‘Descendants of the Sun’.

Hae In is great but I will never forget Yoon Myung Joo.”
“That scene in ‘Descendants of the Sun’ was unforgettable.”
“I started watching ‘Descendants of the Sun’ because of that scene. Kim Ji Won‘s acting is incredible.”
“Her emotional delivery of that line is everything.”

“That line…’don’t be like this…'”

“It’s ‘God be like this’ for Kim Ji Won.”
Kim Ji Won needs to add ‘God be like this’ to her filmography.”
“What other scenes can we have her say that line again in the future?”
“God, she’s so good at acting.”
“She was so young when she filmed that first drama…”

Are you enjoying Kim Ji Won’s performance in ‘Queen of Tears‘?


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