“It’s all for publicity” — Insights into TVXQ Yunho’s Alleged Behavior Behind the Scenes, Revealed by Former Boy Group Idol

A former member of a boy group sheds light on TVXQ Yunho’s purported behavior off-camera.

Recently, fans reacted to a live stream by former TEEN TOP member C.A.P, where he shared his encounters with Yunho.

Yunho, known for his public image as a passionate and righteous individual, was portrayed differently in C.A.P‘s narrative.

C.A.P expressed his view that excessive passion can sometimes lead to negative outcomes. He used Yunho as an example, suggesting that overzealousness can result in unrealistic expectations and hypocrisy.

According to C.A.P, Yunho allegedly ridiculed him for not taking rehearsals seriously, despite the option for a more relaxed approach during dry rehearsals.

He recalled instances where Yunho mocked him, even though their groups had different styles. C.A.P also claimed to have been scolded harshly by Yunho for failing to greet him properly, even when his vision was impaired.

C.A.P highlighted the intense nature of stage rehearsals and implied that Yunho‘s demand for total commitment might not suit everyone.

He mentioned occasions where Yunho reportedly reprimanded several singers during rehearsals.

Moreover, C.A.P criticized Yunho for allegedly smoking in prohibited areas, such as broadcasting station restrooms, which made others uncomfortable.

Netizens had mixed reactions, with some supporting C.A.P‘s claims and others questioning his credibility. While some found Yunho‘s behavior concerning, others reserved judgment until hearing Yunho‘s side of the story.

Overall, C.A.P’s revelations have sparked discussion about professionalism, respect, and expectations within the industry.



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