“Thanks for cheering him” — NMIXX’s Sullyoon endearing attitude towards RIIZE’s Seunghan warms the hearts of fans

RIIZE member Seunghan recently found himself at the center of controversy following the release of alleged “couple photos“.

The situation escalated when netizens demanded his removal from the group, leading Seunghan to issue a personal apology.

Unfortunately, despite his apology and the ongoing controversy, some Korean fans still harbor negative sentiments towards him.

However, NMIXX’s Sullyoon has received praise for her recent actions on a music show, aiming to counteract the negativity.

On September 9, RIIZE appeared on “Show! Champion,” and during the member introductions, an interesting moment unfolded.

When Seunghan introduced himself, it was apparent that the cheers from the audience were noticeably subdued.

Fortunately, MC Sullyoon appeared to have noticed this and took it upon herself to cheer for Seunghan, highlighting her role as a respected senior in the industry.

Sullyoon continued to cheer enthusiastically for the other members as they introduced themselves, and it was evident that their cheers were louder than those for Seunghan.

Upon the sharing of this clip, netizens expressed their opinions. Many praised Sullyoon for her supportive actions, while others questioned the undue “hateSeunghan had received.

For many international fans, the reaction of some Korean netizens has been surprising. Some argue that there shouldn’t be such a stigma surrounding dating, especially considering that the photos in question were taken before Seunghan‘s debut and that the person he was linked to was not underage, as initially claimed.



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