“Friendship over?” — Former IZ*ONE member Kwon Eun Bi unfollows Lee Chae Yeon on Instagram?

In a recent online discovery, a netizen noticed that Kwon Eun Bi has unfollowed her former IZ*ONE groupmate, Lee Chae Yeon, sparking speculation about their friendship.

The incident came to light when a netizen shared a screenshot of Kwon Eun Bi‘s social media following list, revealing that she had unfollowed only Lee Chae Yeon from their IZ*ONE days.

This development immediately caught the attention of fans and curious onlookers.

While Lee Chae Yeon continues to follow Kwon Eun Bi on social media, this one-sided unfollowing action has left some fans questioning the status of their relationship.

The situation prompted various reactions from netizens:

“I initially thought it might be a mistake, but it seems like all the IZ*ONE members have unfollowed Lee Chae Yeon.”

“Why all this fuss again? Lee Chae Yeon and Kwon Eun Bi recently appeared together on a radio show. Let’s not jump to conclusions and spread rumors for attention.”

“I believe they’re still following each other. Is this really a sign of friendship cracking? Let’s not jump to conclusions.”

“Even if it’s a mistake, it’s strange that this keeps happening to IZ*ONE members. Could it be because they all followed each other initially?”

“It seems like some people are creating unnecessary drama because they have nothing to criticize about Lee Chae Yeon. They keep making up strange stories.”

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