“It’s against the law?” — BTS Jungkook’s smoking incident in California sparks heated online discussions

Netizens are debating whether BTSJungkook broke California’s smoking laws.

On September 7th, photos and videos of Jungkook in Los Angeles were shared online.

These images showed Jungkook taking a smoke break outside a Los Angeles restaurant. Some think he may have flown to LA for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Once the videos and pictures came out, people started arguing about whether Jungkook broke California’s smoking rules.

Some say he smoked on the sidewalk, which is against the law. They also said the ashtray in the picture was old and not there anymore.

But others defended him, saying he didn’t smoke in a no-smoking zone. They even shared pictures from May and August of this year showing the restaurant’s ashtray.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“Being an adult man who smokes isn’t a crime. Stop making a big deal out of small things and let JK’s fans support him.”

“If you watch the full video, you’ll see he didn’t throw his cigarette on the street. Plus, that area is allowed for smoking by the restaurant.”

“Why are you arguing about this like JK set the USA on fire?”

“You used to complain about smokers bothering non-smokers on the streets, and now suddenly it’s okay because it’s your idol.”

“He was smoking in a designated smoking area, not randomly on the street. LOL.”

“This much fuss over someone smoking only happens in Korea.”

“But he did drop some ashes on the street, LOL.”

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