RIIZE member Anton is Gaining Attention for His Unexpected Connection to IU — Here’s How Close the Two Were

RIIZE member Anton has been making waves in the entertainment world even before his official debut. Born to the famous producer and singer Yoon Sang, he already had a head start in the industry.

But what surprised fans even more were his personal friendships with celebrities, which were uncovered through his now-deleted Instagram posts.

One of his notable posts featured a picture of brand-new Louis Vuitton shoes, accompanied by a note of gratitude.

What caught the attention of many was the casual hashtag he used: “#IU.” In a pleasant twist, IU herself left a comment on the post, confirming their close friendship.

Anton: “Took a hike up Namsan just to enjoy a burger. Thanks for the shoes, IU noona.”
IU: “What’s with that screenshot…

While the exact screenshot in question couldn’t be found online, Anton also shared a breathtaking view from the top of Namsan, hinting that IU might have treated him to a delicious meal at a hilltop restaurant!

Dining at such a place would certainly be on the expensive side. Not only did IU gift him shoes and possibly an upscale burger, but she also solidified their bond by following him on Instagram.

Given that IU follows only a select few, this gesture speaks volumes about their friendship.

For fans of IU, this close connection with Anton doesn’t come as a surprise. After all, IU and Yoon Sang share a tight-knit relationship, with IU often affectionately referring to him as her “father.”

Yoon Sang even gifted her the song “Only I Didn’t Know,” a pivotal track that played a significant role in propelling IU to stardom.

With a decade-long age gap between them, Anton and IU share a heartwarming sister-brother relationship that fans can’t help but find adorable!



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