“Is that Song Hye Kyo?” — Netizens were confused again after seeing ITZY Ryujin’s recent viral photos

The striking resemblance between ITZY‘s Ryujin and actress Han So Hee has always baffled netizens. Fans often share photos that highlight their similarities, and it’s no wonder that people sometimes mix them up.

But recently, there’s been a new twist in the tale as Ryujin‘s visuals have been compared to yet another actress, Song Hye Kyo, with some playfully suggesting they could be related.

The confusion reached new heights when recent photos of Ryujin emerged, leaving netizens scratching their heads, unsure if they were looking at Han So Hee or Song Hye Kyo.

On September 8, ITZY attended the Canada Goose Brand Event, and all the members turned heads with their stunning looks, stylish outfits, and undeniable charm.

Ryujin, in particular, made a lasting impression as she walked the photo wall. While all the members looked beautiful, fan photos of Ryujin stole the spotlight.

She exuded girl crush vibes in her outfit, reminiscent of a character from a K-Drama.

However, what stood out even more were the comments from netizens who couldn’t contain their confusion when they first saw the photos.

Some mistook Ryujin for Han So Hee, while others couldn’t ignore the striking resemblance to Song Hye Kyo, even suggesting they could be family.

With all these comparisons, it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a way to capture all three stars in a single frame.



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