“It feels off” — aespa Winter’s recent long hairstyle is a hot topic of discussion among netizens

aespa‘s Winter is causing quite a stir with her new long hair!

Recently, on September 8, a post about Winter started trending on Nate’s community board Pann, titled “WINTER REALLY DOESN’T MATCH LONG HAIR.”

One netizen shared their opinion, saying, “Maybe it’s because she looked just okay during her Black Mamba days at the start, but now with her mid-length hair and bangs…

They went on to add, “I genuinely believe she’s one of the top female idols out there. Her long hair seems to be cutting her beauty in half. She should really consider going back to shorter hair.

Many netizens chimed in with their thoughts, and here’s what some of them had to say:

“It’s sad how they intentionally chose a bad photo of her. She looked gorgeous with her long hair most of the time.”

“Remember that viral gif on Twitter where she looked amazing with long hair? The picture in the post is just one bad shot taken in a moment. Her makeup might not have been the best that day.”

“Winter with long hair is stunning.”

“Her whole vibe changes with her hair. Long-haired Winter is amazing.”

“It’s not that she can’t rock long hair; I think we got used to her bob cut. She’s a pretty girl and looks great in almost anything.”

“She’s a goddess with long hair.”

“In my opinion, she’s one of the few idols who can pull off any hairstyle and looks fantastic in various hair colors.”

“How can anyone say that’s a bad photo of her? She looks stunning!”

What are your thoughts?



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