“Oops, she did it again” — MAMAMOO’s Hwasa sparks controversy with school uniform outfit on “Knowing Bros”

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has been making headlines due to her school uniform outfit on the show “Knowing Bros.”

On September 9, a post criticizing Hwasa gained attention on the community board Pann, titled “HWASA FACES CONTROVERSY FOR ‘SEXY’ SCHOOL UNIFORM.”

The post mentioned that some people thought Hwasa‘s outfit resembled a bikini or bra top, leading to the term “school uniform bra top,” and reminded them of Britney Spears. However, it was noted that the public had mixed feelings about the s*xualization of school uniforms.

The post also pointed out that Hwasa‘s performance in the song emphasized her body’s value and self-love, which was part of the song’s message. This attention extended to the female dancers, who wore revealing outfits, sparking discussions among netizens.

Here’s what some netizens had to say:

“Britney’s song faced criticism in its time too. We should be cautious about using school uniforms.”

“She tends to push boundaries with her performances.”

“I worry because students nowadays look mature, and such performances in school uniforms may lead to inappropriate thoughts.”

“People who say it’s an homage to Britney should remember that Britney also faced backlash for sexualizing school uniforms and issues related to minors.”

“I hope Hwasa becomes more careful after her past controversies, especially when wearing a school uniform.”

“Considering it’s ‘Knowing Bros,’ the school concept makes sense.”

“While the show has a school theme, some find the outfit questionable.”

“It’s been a while since Britney’s debut; moral standards have evolved.”

“She’s wearing this for her comeback, not just because of ‘Knowing Bros.'”

“I don’t know about that, but the song stinks so bad. None of her songs, styling, or concepts have been hitting lately.”

“Oops, she did it again.”

“Hwasa’s giving koreans the ick; she should be careful, lol.”

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