“The matchmaker was him” — Netizens speculate if it was G-Dragon who introduced Jeon So Mi and BTS’ RM to become friends

Jeon So Mi recently spilled the beans on how she and BTS‘s RM became close pals. A netizen shared this exciting revelation from Jeon So Mi on an online forum.

During a recent fan signing event, Jeon So Mi opened up about her newfound friendship with RM.

She mentioned that they had only recently become friends and that their first encounter happened at G-Dragon‘s ‘PEACEMINUSONE X Nike‘ private dinner event.

Just so you know, PEACEMINUSONE is G-Dragon‘s brand, and it’s likely he played a part in introducing these two stars to each other. Interestingly, they often chat in English, which has caught the attention of fans.

One netizen even mentioned, “It seems like G-Dragon was the matchmaker here. Celebrities have some unexpected friendships. Remember when Jennie was at Calvin Klein with Jungkook and RM?“.

Netizens shared their thoughts:

“Why are they speaking in English when they’re both good at Korean? Haha, that’s hilarious.”

“Is she just trying to ride the BTS wave by talking about her friendship with RM?”

“Whether they speak in English or Korean, it’s their choice. It’s funny that she’s making a point of it.”

“Friendships can sometimes turn into something more!”

“So Mi really knows a lot of people.”

“It’s probably because there were many attendees at the brand party that they met.”

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