“They remind me of NCT” — Netizens criticize RIIZE stylist for questionable outfit choices on stage at their debut showcase

SM Entertainment‘s highly-awaited new boy group, RIIZE, has finally made their debut, and Korean netizens had quite the reaction.

On September 4th, after much anticipation, SM Entertainment unveiled their first boy group in 7 years with the release of their debut single, ‘Get a Guitar.’

Following their debut showcase, Korean netizens didn’t hold back as they shared their thoughts online.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

“Their fashion choices are not impressive.”

“They remind me of NCT.”

“Honestly, this is worse than NCT’s early styling. At least NCT tried to look unique, but this seems like no effort.”

“Is this like another NCT unit?”

“None of them look like the teaser photos we saw.”

“What’s the bigger plan here? Or is this just how it is?”

“I thought they were supposed to be MUSINSA ambassadors. Did they pick these clothes from the clearance rack?”

“Only Sungchan seems to have survived the styling.”

“It’s not just about the fashion; none of them match their teaser photos.”

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