“It’s a tough choice!” Netizens Weigh In Who Among BOYNEXTDOOR, ZEROBASEONE and RIIZE will bagged the “Rookie Of The Year”

Who do you like best?

If 2022 was the year of K-Pop girl groups, it looks like 2023 will be the year of guy groups. Fans are excited to see what the new era will bring now that big companies like SM Entertainment and HYBE Labels are putting out new boy groups.

Rookie of the Year” is one of the most-anticipated categories at end-of-the-year award shows, and this year there are several good boy groups who could win.K-Pop fans recently talked about which three boy groups they think are most likely to win “Rookie of the Year” awards this year.

‘In an online forum post, the topic was discussed, and the top three candidates were named as follows:’In an online forum post, the topic was discussed, and the top three candidates were named as follows:

BOYNEXTDOOR, the first boy group from KOZ Entertainment, a branch of HYBE Labels, has had a pretty good start to their business.

They made their debut on May 30 with the single album Who!, which features the songs “But I Like You,” “One and Only,” and “Serenade” as the title tracks. Nearly 250,000 copies of the album have been sold.They also just had their first return with the EP Why..on September 4.

This makes them the only one of the three who has been around long enough to have a comeback.

ZEROBASEONE was one of the most-anticipated boy bands to come out this year. The members’ time on Boys Planet gave them a huge boost in popularity and interest.

Their first record, Youth in the Shade, sold two million copies, which is unheard of for a first album.

Since they just started on July 10, they are still new to K-Pop, but they have a good chance of winning “Rookie of the Year” awards in 2023.

On September 4, SM Entertainment showed off RIIZE, the first boy group that wasn’t part of NCT since 2016.

Even though they just started, they are already getting a lot of attention and news coverage because they are signed to a big label like SM Entertainment and have famous former NCT members like Sungchan and Shotaro in their group.

Get a Guitar, their first record, has already sold almost half a million copies in the few days since it came out. In the next few days, this number will only go up, but how much will depend on what happens.

Here’s what people on the Internet are saying about the people who might win “Rookie of the Year” at the end of the year.

“RIIZE, who are from SM Entertainment, will probably take it.”
ZEROBASEONE is the ROTY for sure. Have you seen what they’ve done?”
“I think two of the groups are going to be very close”
“What about ZEROBASEONE? I see promise in all three of these groups.
“ROTY definitely goes to ZEROBASEONE. Unless they decide to give twice as much to winners.”
“One of these groups is so new that it just started up like yesterday. So, haha, we have no idea how they’ll do. If they can get away from ZEROBASEONE, maybe”
RIIZE hasn’t been around for that long, though.”
“There will be a lot of award events in the near future. They can each win at each one in turn”
“Let the awards figure out who the ROTY is on their own.”

Who would you pick as the “Rookie of the Year”?



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