“He showed evidence” EXO’s D.O. was reportedly charged for smoking indoors, based on a K-Netizen who reported him

Mr. D.O has promised to follow the law in the future, especially since he is a public figure.”

A K-Netizen says that EXO’s D.O. was recently fined for smoking inside.

Last month, Korean netizens were upset with D.O. after a video clip that was said to show the singer smoking went viral on the internet.

D.O. was reportedly seen blowing smoke out of his nose while EXO member Baekhyun practiced in front of a video in the dressing room of a music show.

A month later, a K-Netizen says that they told the idol’s agency that he was smoking inside, which led to the idol getting a fine.

On September 5, someone shared an unidentified forum post that said, “I reported Do Kyungsoo (EXO‘s D.O.) for smoking indoors back in August.”

The OP put a screenshot of a statement from the Mapo-gu Public Health Center into the post. In the report, the health center said that D.O. was fined because he couldn’t prove that the e-cigarette he used inside was nicotine-free. This was because of the National Health Promotion Act.

“How We Fixed The Problem”

Hello, and thank you for caring about making your state better as a whole. We’re glad you told us about the problem with smoking indoors at 267 Sungam-ro (MBC Headquarters), and we’ve taken the following steps to fix it.
The National Health Promotion Act (9-4-16) says that smoking isn’t allowed in any business, workplace, or mixed-use building that is more than 1,000 square meters. We found that Mr. Do [Censored Name] broke the law when he smoked inside the building of the radio station. Mr. Do’s management label told us that he used an e-cigarette that didn’t have nicotine. But they couldn’t be sure that the goods being used didn’t have nicotine. So, Mr. Do was charged the right amount. Also, we’d like to let you know that Mr. Do has promised to follow the law from now on, especially since he is a public person.
Your staff at the Mapo-gu Public Health Center will keep working hard to teach the people in the province about the dangers of smoking and encourage them to stop.
Report was taken care of by the Department of Health Care at the Mapo-gu Public Health Center.

The Mapo-gu Public Health Center’s website says that the fine can go up to 100,000 KRW, which is about $75.20 USD. About this supposed fine, SM Entertainment hasn’t said anything.



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