“My day became so much better, OMG!” Fans talk about how Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Han look like they just stepped out of a romantic K-drama

“Will I ever find someone who looks at me the way Hyun looks at Han?”

Since everyone in Stray Kids except Han and Lee Know has started their own Instagram accounts, Lee Know (and a little bit of Han) has pretty much taken over the group’s Instagram!

Since I.N posted on the group’s Instagram page in late July, none of the other members have been there.

But finally, a user with a personal account showed up on the group’s page again, and the pictures couldn’t be any cuter!

Hyunjin took a few photos with Han. The first one is cute but not very interesting.

The other two pictures, on the other hand, show the two Stray Kids members together in a beautiful outdoor setting.

They look like they should be in a love K-Drama! Han even wrote in the description, “Went for a walk with Hyunjin on a nice day. The sky was so beautiful.”

They both have long hair, and when they stand next to each other, it looks like a visual beauty.

Fans love seeing these two together, as shown by the comments on the Instagram post.

The post also went viral on Twitter, where fans of the two K-Pop stars showed just as much love.

Who do you think the official Stray Kids Instagram account will feature next?



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