“Her most iconic look so far!” Unedited Journalist Photos of NewJeans’ Minji At “Seoul Fashion Week 2023” Made Netizens Jaw Dropped

This is her best look so far.

On September 5, 2023, the first day of Seoul Fashion Week 2023, the girls from NewJeans went. They used patterns and styles from the army, like cargo print and combat boots, but gave them a girly twist.

Minji got a lot of attention because she was so beautiful, even in unretouched pictures taken by journalists.

She wore a denim skirt with a white top with long sleeves.

With her long, wavy hair and light makeup, she looked like the perfect combination of youth and purity.

With this lovely look, her looks have reached a new high point.

We can’t believe that these photos haven’t been touched up and were taken with rough cameras by journalists.

Netizens were also amazed by her iconic looks that day.

Minji‘s shape has been crazy lately.
Looks nice.
She looks nice today.
It’s crazy if she’s at this level in pictures taken by journalists.
Other responses keep saying how beautiful she is and how it will never change. Even in pictures taken by fans on their phones, Minji looks perfect.
Even in bad pictures, you can tell what she looks like.

You can also see how beautiful she is on video.

Fansites were, of course, there to record the moment.



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