NewJeans’ Minji assures fans with sweet & goofy posts amid Min Hee Jin and HYBE’s controversy

In the midst of a tense situation between HYBE and ADOR, the girls of NewJeans have shown their unwavering strength.

Despite facing tough times, they’ve put their fans, affectionately known as Bunnies, first and continue to cheer them on.

NewJeansMinji took to the fan community on May 18th to reassure their supporters, saying, “NewJeans is tougher than you Bunnies might think.”

She added, “We’re like bouncy rabbits with grit. And the gun? That’s just a joke. It’s a love bullet.”

Earlier, Danielle from the group also reached out to fans directly to comfort them.

Last month, on April 8th, she shared, “I know some Bunnies are worried because I’ve been quieter than usual. I’m really grateful for your concern and support,” expressing his heartfelt thanks.

She went on to say, “Even though things are tough right now, we’re all working hard and getting ready for you Bunnies, so don’t worry,” and hinted at future plans, “We have a lot we want to show you, so stay tuned.”

In other news, HYBE recently underwent an audit, alleging that ADOR‘s representative Min Hee Jin and other executives were trying to take over.

HYBE claimed to have found evidence of embezzlement by Min and ADOR‘s board of directors through the audit results, and accused ADOR of business embezzlement.

Min held a press conference last month on April 25th, denying the allegations of embezzlement. She stated, “I never tried to take over,” and “I’m just a salaried president, I have no reason or motive. There’s no embezzlement.”

However, HYBE viewed this as an attempt to take over and proposed the dismissal of Min and the board of directors at ADOR‘s temporary shareholders’ meeting. Since HYBE owns 80% of ADOR‘s shares, if the proposal is accepted, Min will be dismissed.



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