“His words comforted me” — Key’s Instagram Q&A sweeps SHINee fans off their feet with sincere replies

SHINee‘s charismatic member, Key, recently held a touching Q&A session on his Instagram that left fans emotional.

On August 23rd, Key hosted a Q&A event where he invited fans to ask him anything using Instagram stories on SHINee’s official account.

He kicked off the session with a message saying, “Let’s make tonight the night shift, so ask away!

During the session, he shared fans’ questions and his heartfelt responses:

Q: What are your must-have items for your workspace?
A: Alcohol and Hermione’s clock

Q: What’s the one thing you’d do if tomorrow was your last day?
A: Search the web for ways to avoid it

Q: Are you debuting for the 5th time?
A: Like the iPod 5th generation…?

Q: Do you get paid for overtime?
A: With your interest and love

Q: How do you overcome feeling tired and drained?
A: Accept that you’re tired and worn out

Q: I had a unique meal today, any dinner suggestions for tomorrow?
A: So, planning to sleep until lunch?

Q: Share a phrase to help endure a tough job situation.
A: List five reasons why you’re enduring it

Q: How does it feel to be cute at 33?
A: Well, will it change from now?

Q: Am I cute?
A: Yes

Q: What are Taemin’s and Minho’s roles?
A: Like left hand and right hand

Q: Can I like someone other than you, oppa?
A: Considering ‘Love Naggers’ application?

Q: Will you marry me?
A: This year’s tough, maybe next year?

Q: Dealing with a friend’s annoying habits vs. telling them directly?
A: Communicate calmly about what bothered you

Q: Lost without a goal. What to do first, intern Key?
A: Why force an objective? Tomorrow’s goal: stay flexible, no neck pain

Q: Really you answering these questions, Kim Ki Bum?
A: Yep

Q: Could you survive a week with Minho?
A: Blocking chat now

Q: Dance girl group for 100 million KRW or boy group for 1 billion KRW?
A: Must’ve gotten 1 trillion KRW then

Q: How to handle feeling too cute in the mirror?
A: Share it only here since it’s hard to explain

Q: A baffling thing Taemin did today?
A: Mastered dance but skipped filming the challenge

Q: My friends won’t become your fans. Help!
A: You’re already a fan though

Q: Feeling left behind, what to do?
A: Value yourself where you are; others will tire out

Fans were deeply moved by Key’s responses, finding them simple yet profound. Comments poured in:

“I adore Ki Bum!”

“He thinks deeply about his answers”

“I teared up at the last one”

“He’s the best”

“His warmth shines through”

“His words comforted me”

“No wonder I love him so much”

“He’s thoughtful and warm with his answers”

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