“My heart went oops!” RIIZE’s Anton goes viral for his amazing body in shirtless scenes

Anton from RIIZE has been getting more and more attention lately for his angelic pictures. Because of his smooth skin, full lips, and cute smile, he is one of the most famous members right now.

Fans went crazy over how Anton‘s innocent face hid a strong body. Before the music video for “Memories” came out, no one knew about it. In the music video, the boys played around a lake without their shirts on.

Anton‘s broad shoulders and strong abs made him stand out.

Even though he is young, his shoulders are broad and strong.

The future is less clear than his abs.

Anton used to swim seriously when he was in school, so this wasn’t a big surprise.

Netizens can’t get enough of him. Everyone is interested in the difference between his face and body.

He’s already well-known to me, but I’m sure he’ll become very famous.”
“When they zoomed in on his face, I was so shocked. Why was I shaking so much? I was shocked when I saw his face, but when they zoomed in, my heart dropped.”
“He is the guy version of the kind of person I like. He looks like a fairy, but his body is like that of a woodcutter.”
“Why does his body feel so hot? It’s crazy… But he really does have Chaeryeong’s face.”
“Oh, but if you look at him, he kind of reminds you of Eunhyuk.”
“His side torso is the real thing… You can tell he used to play sports.”
“I did everything I could to avoid the age difference, but… Oppa.”
“I like it.”

Anton‘s images are already making a lot of noise, so we are sure that he will become one of the it-boys of the 5th generation.



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