“It is so funny!” — IVE Members Share Ahn Yujin’s Reaction to Choreography Mistakes

On the latest episode of the YouTube series ‘Halmyungsoo,’ girl group IVE joined as guests for a fun-filled session of games, food, and chit-chat.

During the show, it was revealed that host Park Myung Soo and IVE member Yujin share the same MBTI type, ISTP.

Yujin humorously commented, “The lifestyle that I prefer is your lifestyle,” which had Park Myung Soo chuckling.

Later, member Wonyoung shared that she has intentionally refrained from taking the MBTI personality test. She explained, “If I find out that my MBTI is this type, I feel like I will view and try to act like my personality type in every situation.”

The conversation took an interesting turn when Park Myung Soo asked member Rei, “They say that you don’t get angry very often. Do you get angry if one of the members makes a mistake during a choreography?” Rei candidly responded, “I am usually the one making mistakes.”

Rei then continued, “But if I make a mistake, Yujin unnie… (mimics a disapproving glance).” Caught off guard, Yujin tried to explain, “For some reason, I tend to catch the others’ mistakes. So when I see it, I am acknowledging it with my expression before I know it. But I’m just looking at the person, I’m not making that kind of face.”

But Rei chimed in with, “No, this is the face she makes,” and mimicked Yujin’s glance again.

Other members like Gaeul and Leeseo agreed, saying, “During our concert as well, if she thinks that our lines are not correct, she will (mimics the disapproving glance),” and “She won’t say anything much, just, ‘Line!’.”

When Park Myung Soo asked, “Does Yujin not make mistakes?”, Rei once again caused laughter by revealing, “If she makes a mistake, she will (mimics a cute reaction).”

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