fromis_9’s Jiwon Puzzles Fans by Wishing to ‘Receive Her First Pay’ This Year

On May 17 KST, fromis_9 engaged with their fans via a Weverse Live session.

During the live broadcast, the members shared their aspirations for 2024. Surprisingly, member Park Jiwon expressed, “My wish is to receive my first pay by the end of this year.” This statement was met with stunned silence from the other group members, leaving fans puzzled.

Numerous netizens, particularly fromis_9 fans, were taken aback by Park Jiwon’s comment. Many speculated if Jiwon was referring to her “first pay of the year”, finding it hard to believe that fromis_9, who debuted in 2018, hasn’t received a single payment in their six years of promotions.

fromis_9 made their debut in January 2018 after emerging victorious on Mnet’s idol survival program, ‘Idol School’.

In August 2021, the group signed new contracts when their management transitioned from Off The Record Entertainment to Pledis Entertainment.

Given the lack of context or explanation for Jiwon’s comment, netizens urged caution against jumping to dramatic conclusions. Some shared,

“There’s no way they haven’t been paid since debut. Their contract differs from most idol groups who start with trainee debts, as they were formed from a survival show. They even renewed their contracts in 2021 during the label transition, so there must be conditions we’re unaware of.” “She must mean she hasn’t been paid this year, or they haven’t been paid since they re-signed their contracts with Pledis. Given what we know about K-Pop idols and their pay structure, it’s impossible they’ve never been paid.” “Pledis usually pays their idols their shares right after promotions end. She must be referring to this year.” “They didn’t have a comeback this year, so it makes sense they didn’t get paid this year.” “They’ve had numerous concerts and festival appearances. Unless there’s something off about their contracts, they should be getting paid.” “Survival program idols don’t have trainee debts. It’s nonsensical to think they didn’t earn any money in six years.” “The way she phrased it was too ambiguous. Many people might misunderstand.”

Others also left comments like,

“If this is true, it’s a serious issue. The company should be doing more to ensure they generate profit.” “They seem to live in nice dorms. If the management is deducting extra chunks from their revenues for unnecessary expenses, they should directly address the company.” “I sincerely hope she’s referring to this year and not since her debut, as that would be heartbreaking.” “Hope they can have a comeback this year!” “There’s no way they’ve never been paid in six years. That being said, Pledis, give them a good comeback!”

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